Services we offer:

Full Set of Logs 

   - Gamma Ray/Hi- Res

   - Neutron Porosity

   - Compensated Density/Hi-Res

   - Caliper

   - Dual Induction

   - Temperature

   - Updated Well Analysis Program

   - LAS,PDF, TIFF, Electronics

   - Field Copies (Black & White, with field copies)

   - Colored Copies Available

Gamma Ray/ Microcaliper

High Resolution Down Hole Camera

    - Brand New 360 degree side and bottom view focus

    - 4000 Ft capability

    - Can be run inside a pipe as small as 2 1/8" ID

Down Hole Digital Telemetry

    - High speed communication between wireline tools and acquisition system 

    - Digital Error detection to enhance data measurements

    - Elimination of line loss of data

Optical Televiewer

    - Detailed 360 degree color side view of matching depths to the log

    - Can be displayed on the log with all the curves

    - Great for defining shale breaks for packer settings

Lateral Resistivity Log

    - For Fluid filled applications

    - Measures resistivity beyond an invaded zone

Noise Probe

    - Detects down hole audio frequency; fluid and Gas movement entering the well bore

    - CCL and Temperature

Annular/ Tabular Volume
High Resolution Dual Induction

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